Things to know before ordering

You have to be absolutely certain that you want to order when you proceed with your commission. A fursuit is a huge investment and you have to be prepared to make payments before deadlines. I can accommodate my time in case of unforeseen circumstances but you are responsible of your own life organization and money management. Please do not waste my time if you’re not 100% sure you can commit to my terms.


You have to be over the age of legal majority in your country to order on your own. I will not work directly with anyone under that age. A parent or legal guardian is allowed to order for a minor.*

*I will communicate with the guardian only and request a skype call to confirm the guardian’s identity and their agreement to the TOS. The video conversation will be recorded for proof. The guardian will sign a document attesting of the truth of what is said in the conversation. I fit turns out you are a minor trying to impersonate a major, you will be blacklisted immediately and banned from commissioning me for life.

Basic personal information and an official identity document (ID card, passport, driver’s licence…) has to be provided. This information will not be disclosed and will serve for the shipping of the final product only. The information will be deleted when the product’s warranty expires.

You are prepared to pay eventual custom charges. Keep in mind I live in France, so if you’re out of the Eurozone, your product may be inspected by customs and charged extra fees. If you’re from a country that is part of the Eurozone, your product may be fine. I advise that you check your country’s customs’ terms for more informations.


You will need a character reference (picture showing your character at different angles detailing all of its colors, markings and anatomy) our character’s full body and its various markings, colors, and anatomy), preferably without shadows and showing the tongue and underside of the character’s paws. The more details your reference pictures show, the better.

Your character’s reference has to be SFW (they can’t show explicit content).

If you don’t have a reference, you can show me several fullbody pictures of your character.

Keep in mind that I may perceive colors differently on my screen monitor.

If you don’t have pictures of your character, you can give me a detailed description of what you would like. Beware : I will offer you different design options based on your criteria, the research phase will be charged until you approve of the design.


Warning, all designs may not be make-able as a costume ! Complex designs showing a lot of markings (stripes, spots…) or peculiar markings (geometric, very detailed…) will have to be simplified in order to be made into a costume. Gradients are not possible to make, colors must have a clear cut transition from one to another.

If your character has small and intricate markings on long fur, they look as crisp as you want them to be (long hairs will blur the limit between the marking and the rest of the fur, making it almost impossible to recognize it).

I will work with you to make your costume as close to what your character looks like with the materials that are available on the market. Your character may have a very specific shade of color that cannot be matched with an existing fabric. We might have to compromise and find a fabric that is the closest shade. I won’t dye fabric for durability reasons.

Some kind of colors are also more difficult to find in faux fur, for example shades of orange, green, yellow and purple.

Considering these difficulties, you can contact me prior to ordering so we can talk about the design of your character (and if adaptations are needed, what solutions suit your character better)


You will need to send me a Duct Tape Dummy. A DTD is a mannequin of your own body made out of duct tape. If your DTD is defective and rips, I will charge you extra fees for the time I spend fixing it. To ensure your DTD is correct, see “How to make my DTD”

Warning : this mannequin represents your body at a certain point in time and the costume will be based onto its measurements. If you gain or lose weight before receiving your costume, I will not be responsible for any size difference.

I will also need various measurements, like your shoe size, several head circumferences, wrist circumference and your hand traced onto paper.


I don’t accept deadlines. Making these costumes takes time and skill, I don’t want to feel rushed and risk making a product of lesser quality.

Once your commission is confirmed, I will give you an approximative completion date. I recommend not to plan any event that is close to this date that includes your future costume in case unforeseen circumstances cause a delay of its delivery.

Completion of your costume can take 3 to 6 weeks depending on what you commissioned. Each commission opening corresponds to a precise period of work, commissions usually open a few months ahead of the start of the work on the chosen commission.


When ordering, you commit to checking frequently for any message from me and to inform me of any circumstances in your life that could affect the commission process for the duration of the contract.

Any attitude hindering or attempting to rush the realisation of the product or degrading the relationship between the client and the maker such as voluntarily failing to reply to messages, giving misinformations, lying, or going as far as insulting will cause you to be blacklisted and banned from commissioning me for life.

You have to be understanding and patient, I prioritize quality work and honesty over everything else. When everything goes smoothly and you behave honorably, I feel inclined to do my best. You might even get rewarded with extra stuff like a badge or accessory for your costume. Remember, we are both human and you deserve good service as much as I do.


My products are not meant for children under 12 years old.

The finished product is to be used within its limits. It will not resist activity demanding extreme movements (ex : gymnastics). The owner is responsible for any damage caused by reckless use.

I am not responsible for injuries and health issues caused by the user’s reckless behaviour. It is greatly recommended to wear the costume only a few hours at a time, to take breaks every 15 minutes to re-hydrate yourself, and to cool down, especially for inexperienced suiters. It is also recommended to be guided by someone, as costume heads greatly reduce sensory perception like vision, hearing, and touch.

If you experience heavy sweating, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, weakness, headache, muscle cramps, dizziness, or fainting, you are experiencing heat exhaustion. In that case, take the costume off immediately.

Use is not recommended if you have a fragile heart or can’t handle temperature rises. Temperature in costume heads can easily reach 35°C-40°C (95°F-104°F).

thermal imaging pictures by Reinfoxy

Failure to properly maintain the costume can lead to health issues due to mold growth inside the materials from sweat. To ensure safe use on the long term, the owner has to take care of the product by cleaning it with appropriate cleaning products (care guide is provided) after every use. Occasionallly, gently brushing the fur will help it stay nice and groomed. A clean costume also makes the experience more pleasant for everyone !


Each one of my creations is conceived for a secure use for the wearer and their audience and to be family friendly. You are not allowed to make changes to your costume that go against these principles.

Ex : You can’t plug the ventilation holes present on your costume head. You can’t replace the claws and teeth by pointed or hard parts. You can’t add genitalia to your costume. You can’t add any hateful symbols.

Warning : Any modification made to your costume by someone that is not me, puts an end to the warranty.

You can ask me to make necessary changes at any time after your receive your costume for a corresponding fee, your costume must be washed and clean when you send it back to me.

Every costume is unique, I will not make a copy of an already existing one made by another maker or by me. You may show me pictures of already existing pieces of work for inspiration, but the result will be undeniably new and unique.

Your character must be created by you or obtained through legal means (taking an image on Google Images is not a solution !!). I may make a reverse image search to make sure you are the owner of the character. This also means I will not make a costume based on copyrighted material (ex : I can’t make you a Mickey Mouse costume).

If you don’t have a character, I can design you one for an additional fee or you can choose one from the adoption page.


I will not make a costume for someone under 12 years old.

I will not work with you if your character depicts any hateful symbols or reflect hateful ideologies.

I will not make a costume featuring sexual content. This means extra parts like genitals or realistic breasts with nipples (normal breasts are okay), or even a detailed bottom.

I will not make a costume conceived for engaging in sex (no extra holes).

I don’t incorporate electronics such as LEDs, fans, or animatronics in my costumes.. I can make extra room in the head of the costume to fit a fan if requested, but you will have to add it yourself.