Order process and payment

How do I order ?

The commission takes place in three parts : The quote request, the quote approval and the building of the product.
The following graphic shows both the quote request and quote approval process.

The quote request

A quote is the specific price you will have to pay, the amount depends on your character’s complexity and amount of materials needed. Asking for a quote is simple : through a form that will be available on this page, you will indicate what kind of product you want (type of costume, requests…) and you will give your character’s reference. After inspecting your demand and calculating the time and materials I would need to make your product, I give you a precise price. You must either accept the quote or decline it.

You must ask for a quote only when my commissions’ status is “open”. I will announce the date of the opening of commissions weeks in advance on social media, I advise you follow me on there so you don’t miss it. The duration of the commissions’ opening can be several weeks as it can be only one day depending on the amount of people interested, so be ready !

The quote approval

Approving your quote doesn’t mean your commission is approved, it only means that you apply for a slot with your quote at the current round of commissions. Amongst all approved quotes, I will choose the project(s) that fit the best the period of time I am looking to fill with work. I prefer to only take one person at a time, but it can happen that I choose more depending on the types of projects that are submitted to me.

Upon approving the quote, a non-refundable 40% downpayment has to be made if your project is choosen, to reserve your place in the queue and buy the materials. Your place in the queue is based on the date your downpayment was made. First paid, first served. If you refuse the quote but you would like to commission me in the future, you can use that quote again for a period of 7 months. After that, you will have to ask for a new quote.

Building of the product

You will need to send me a Duct Tape Dummy. A DTD is a mannequin of your own body made out of duct tape. To learn how to make your DTD correctly, see How do I make my DTD.

I will also need various measurements, like your shoe size, several head circumferences, wrist circumference and your hand traced onto paper.

You will need to send me all these elements before I can start to work on your costume.

How do I pay ?

All payments must be made by bank transfer.

Payment of the total amount is made in three different payments : The downpayment (40%), the pre-building payment (30%), the pre-shipment payment (30%+shipping). Let’s call them Payment A, Payment B and Payment C.

  • Payment A is to be made in full and is non-refundable
  • Payment B can be divided in several payments (3 maximum) as long as it is paid off before the start of the building process.
  • Payment C can be divided in several payments (3 maximum) as long as it is paid off before shipping the finished product.

If you didn’t find the information you were looking for, read our Terms of Service, they explain in detail the commission process and give a lot of useful informations !